Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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If this is your first time on this site, please go to the bottom of the list and read from the bottom post to the top one, that way you will be reading them in order! I posted three times at once but the newest one is on the top and the oldest one on the bottom.

So the reason we are here is to get the Family Resource Center of Zambia started. In the past year MWB has been able to purchase just under 100 acres of land about 20 miles outside of Lusaka. Our goal is to make the roads, get the wells dug and get electricity to the land. Then we will begin making bricks for the construction of the first buildings. It is a massive project and things move at a rather relaxed pace here in Africa. One step at a time we will make progress. It takes someone being here for an extended time to actually push the work forward, so we packed our bags and came prepared to become Zambians for the better part of this year. We will be returning home around the 3rd week in March for a few weeks and then will come back here to resume this work as well as work with our church Humanitarian Services program for measles inoculation.

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Please also check out Mothers Without Borders on their website: motherswithoutborders.org

From Africa with much love,

-Pam & Mike Headlee


Bulbulian said...

Hey Mike and Pam,
We are so pleased that you have started this blog to keep all of us posted. The work you are doing sounds wonderful, hard, frustrating, and did I mention wonderful! Stay in touch, Peggy and Ron

Zach and Kate said...

Mom and Dad,
Thanks for the email and the blog! We love and miss you.

Kate and Family

Joshua Muzumala said...

Hi Mike and Pam,
It's like I am living in two places at the same time; your blog, to me, is like an oasis in a desert. Every time I feel I need to go home to Zambia, I visit your blog! I hope that you have joy in the work that you are doing.
Joshua Muzumala