Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Beginning...

Well here we are in the middle of Africa so far from friends and family, yet life is very good. We have been gone less than a week and our reality is now completely different than it was a week ago. We left a cold wintry village in upstate NY to end up in the middle of a hot and humid city in the middle of sub-Sahara Africa.

I look forward to documenting this adventure and I hope to get Mike to contribute, too. I hope you who join us on this web site will bear with my obvious lack of writing skills and feel the spirit of what I share. I hope I will be able to convey in word and photos a small portion of what goes on here.

The beginning…. Mike came to Zambia for the first time with his sister Kathy about four years ago. Kathy began a non-profit organization called Mothers Without Borders in an effort to help orphaned and vulnerable children all over the world. She has worked in Eastern Europe, South America, Central America, India and Africa. Her focus for the past five years has been in Zambia. Here the HIV/AIDS crisis has produced thousands upon thousands of orphans. She supports existing local organizations as they try to respond to this crisis. One step at a time MWB has expanded its support here and with each trip and each contact with the children here a vision has emerged for her. Mike returned four more times and in 2005 I made two trips here. Now we both share this vision with Kathy. There is a great work to do here and we have come to help continue what Kathy has started. We are here to support Mothers Without Borders as they develop the vision of a Family Resource and Support Center. I will make the next post all about this Center.

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