Sunday, April 27, 2008

Photos from our mission

Surprise at the MTC

We were delighted to be greated at the MTC by President and Sister Brienholt, the mission president that Mike served as counselor to in the NY Rochester mission. He is a counselor to the MTC president.

The MTC was really a great experience. We enjoyed meeting other couples leaving on missions throughout the world and made some friends in just one week. The food seems to be famous. It was plentiful and good, but one week of it was enough.

We studied "Preach My Gospel" and learned how to introduce the gospel to others. It was a very good experience which we would recommend to all! It was fun to live in the same place where our 3 sons and 4 sons-in-law lived as they prepared to enter the mission field.

This is the main room of our apartment. It is very spacious and suitable for us here. We work so much that it doesn't seem like we have much time here at the apartment. We are a quick 1.5 mile drive from the "office" which is the area complex of the Africa Southeast area office, the presidency office, the Johannesburg temple and the distribution center.

The temple is just about a 2 minute walk from our office in the "White House" where we work. This old mansion was converted into 3 living apartments for the area presidency and their offices (and ours) on the main floor.

We are "district" leaders for the area senior missionary couples. They have weekly family home evenings together and we all live in the same apartment complex. This makes for becoming good friends with many other missionary couples.

We have figured out a way to have a big screen in our livingroom with a minimal amount of equipment ... we have a projector, a small speaker, a portable dvd player and a Tvisto (hard drive which stores 80 movies.

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kim dance said...

looks great! the apartment is nice. you and dad look like real missionaries. love the skirt suit...really nice.
keep posting pics!